Monday, November 5, 2012

Confidence UFO Seekers Start Shaky

For decades they were scanning the sky, looking for signs of alien activity. However, the effort was in vain. Until now unable to get solid evidence ekstraterresterial existence of life, beyond the earth.

Broke, some UFO watchers in Britain reached the conclusion that aliens may indeed not exist. According to them, the result was disappointing it might also end UFOlogist - the study of UFOs in the coming decades.

Dozens of groups have the same interest in flying saucers and planes mysteriously unidentified, disbanded. Because the less interest. Observing this phenomenon, next week, a leading UFO research organization in the UK will hold a conference to discuss whether the study or studies about UFOs still have a future.

Dave Wood head study anomalous phenomena or the Association for the Scientific Study of anomalous phenomena (Assap) said the meeting was held to discuss the crisis in these subjects and to ascertain whether the UFO is something that is only valid in the past. "There is a possibility in the next 10 years, this subject will die," said he, as published by the Telegraph.

Lack of evidence is a major problem. "The UFO researchers would say that 98 percent report that there is very easily explained. Was one of the conclusions that may be there was nothing out there. The days where witnesses reported sightings of interest, has ended."

What happens in Assap be an example. Cases declined 96 percent since 1988. While the groups involved in UFO research declined sharply from 100 in the 1990s to only about 30. Including those covered are British Flying Saucer Bureau, Northern UFO Network, and Northern Anomalies Research Organisation.

Not only the evidence that has not yet appeared, Wood admitted, no new cases of interest. As happened in 1947 then, that the Roswell incident in which the aircraft is said to have alleged UFO crash in New Mexico. Also Rendlesham incident in 1980. Now, the people who attend UFO conferences, people had no new material, and was forced to discuss the old cases. "There is a tendency directed to study UFO conspiracy theories. This did not help."

UFO seekers reduced confidence, especially since the Department of Defense decided to no longer investigate about UFO sightings. Once claimed, there was no evidence of "UFO" threaten the UK.
Thanks to the Internet
David Clark, academics from Sheffield Hallam University and adviser to UFO at the National Archives, said: "The subject of UFOs has died, no one has ever seen one.

Even when people have a personal camera, which records the strange apparitions that allegedly UFO, it can not be used as evidence. Another reason is the Internet.
If something strange object sightings occurred, the Internet helps people find an explanation quickly. "Before, you had to send a letter to someone, who probably would not answer it and add an element of mystique. Thus, the edges incident can not be explained otherwise."

However, Nick Pope, UFO expert believes there is still a future for the subject of UFOs. According to him, it does not mean much false sightings or evidence of Chinese lanterns were mistaken for UFOs would get rid of the subject matter. He believes that those who still believe in finding evidence.

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