Sunday, November 4, 2012

iFone Mexico Beat Apple in Court

A Mexican telecommunications company, iFone declared victory in a trademark battle with Apple's iPhone. Trademark battle the two companies apparently been started since 2009.

In a statement, the company said that the court has rejected Apple's attempt to protect the name of your iPhone in a case that began in 2009. Known, iFone also sued California-based company is due to the mention of the iPhone and iFone create a similar result in confusion.

Apple introduced the iPhone in the Mexican market in 2007, four years after the company's services and telecommunications systems that register the name iFone Mexico. "This is the third time that Apple is less and show the truth of the law that iFone has the full right to use this brand," said iFone in a statement, as reported by Yahoo, Monday (11/05/2012).

IFone lawyer, Eduardo Gallart, as quoted by the newspaper Mileno on Saturday said that Apple should provide compensation to the company for the use of the name iPhone.

The amount of compensation has not been determined, but Gallart said legally set at 40 percent of the selling price of a service that is contrary to law.

Until now, the Apple has not commented officially related to the court's decision.

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