Monday, November 5, 2012

These groups believe the Earth was flat like a disc

Elementary school student knows, the Earth is round. However, a number of people who joined in the Flat Earth Society thinks otherwise. They are amazing sure, humans inhabited this planet is flat.

This is an excuse them when walking on it, the surface of the planet is seen and tasted flat. That is why they dismissed all the evidence that shows the Earth is round, like the Earth photographs from space. According to them, it was nothing more than a conspiracy engineered supporters that the earth was a sphere that is set by the U.S. space agency (NASA) and other government agencies. A high-level conspiracy.

Photographs of the Earth, they say, is processed using photoshop. GPS equipment was engineered. The goal, they are not yet concluded, but suspected financial motives.

The Flat Earth Society claimed leadership, their supporters more and more, getting 200 people per year since 2009. Most of them are U.S. citizens and the United Kingdom. Their tireless introduce flat earth theory in the Internet, media interviews, and Twitter.

However, this is the 21st century, where information is rapidly evolving and extraordinary space technology forward. Are they serious?

At least, proponents of the theory that the earth was flat to try to offer a scientific explanation, or as if scientific.

One leading theory they call the Earth a similar dish, which is at the center of the Arctic Circle, while Antarctica, an ice wall as high as 150 feet or 45.7 meters, is located at the rim.

They claim, NASA hired a number of people to keep a tight wall of ice, preventing anyone from climbing and falling disc earth.

While the Earth's day and night cycle is described as follows: the sun and the moon is round-shaped object 51 kilometers in diameter, which rotates at an altitude of 4828 kilometers above the earth flat. Such as spotlights, sky balls that illuminate different parts of the planet within 24 hours. Proponents of this theory also believe there is an invisible object named "antimoon" (anti-months) is responsible obscure moon shape, a crescent moon for example.

Furthermore, for them, gravity is none other than an illusion. The attraction of the earth, according to them, does not speed things down, but the disc is the accelerating earth motion of 9.8 meters per second squared, driven by a force called "dark energy".

Meanwhile, what lies beneath the Earth disc is not known, those who believe the earth is flat, assumed the earth was formed out of a stone base.

No joke

How to think the Flat Earth Society's way of thinking "method Zetetic" alternative scientific methods developed in the 19th century.

"Basically, this method emphasizes reconciliation between empiricism and rationalism and, and make logical conclusions based on empirical data," said the deputy chairman of the Flat Earth Society, Michael Wilmore science from Ireland on the site, Life's Little Mysteries.

Detail that they might as absurd and a joke, but his supporters really think of it as a model of astronomy is more reasonable than can be found in textbooks. In short, they are not making a joke.

No less strange, Wilmore and the Flat Earth Society president, Daniel Shenton, 0 think, evidence of global warming is strong and real, despite plenty of evidence comes from NASA satellite data, which they refer to as the king of conspiracy to spread the Earth is round.

Although a lot of people shaking their heads, the belief that the group is not a surprise to the experts. Karen Douglas, a psychologist from the University of Kent, UK, said those who believe that the earth was flat as those who believe in conspiracy theories.

There is a basic urge in any conspiracy theory. That presents a conspiracy theory supporters about important issues or certain big events, and build an explanation of why certain institutions seseoprang or cover it up.

But for Eric Oliver, a political scientist from the University of Chicago, even among fellow supporters konsporasi theory, the belief that the earth is round is an anomaly.

Because, unlike other konsporasi theory which refers to the UFO, extrasensory perception (ESP), ghosts, demons or something invisible, Flat Earth Society insists on something physical: the shape of the Earth.

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